11:00 am February 25th, 2014

" In a country where one has to choose from a genocidal maniac and a ridiculously corrupt dynasty, we can only look inward or local to influence effective change and I know I'm like an ostrich who hides from the onslaught of darkness prevalent in the atmosphere but maybe it's this little hole in the sand where it all could begin and by slowly making that hole bigger and connecting with like minded ostriches, we could hopefully make an underground network that would one day inevitably bring down the feeble crust upon which we stand and it is in these holes that we do things without the influence of the mainstream, ostriches with big balls who dare to dream and conceive in the dark" tbc.......

1:16 pm January 17th, 2013

When I take a turn I have to stop myself from contemplating where I would have gone because that futile distraction makes the new road tentative but somehow what's meant to be, will be, like scoring music for 3 commercials for Kenya sitting in Ottawa on my way to the Sundance Film Festival, offers a sense of comforting continuity while still on an adventure into the unknown of dog sledding and coat check girls interspersed with the occasional Hollywood executive who has never skied in Park City but has the proper attire to prove his qualifications as he travels in a group, of which I am not a part, happily so, feeling isolated but content in the sometimes awkward space between the band and me that occurs in the silence in between songs, which range from Pink Floyd to over complicated originals, very well performed though,(maybe these guys need to come to Blue Frog) but then I got distracted by a mother of three and an overzealous agent gnawing on my left ear, leaving my mind blank, completely forgetting which turn I took when.